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May 11, 2011

About Molochian (ENG)

To better understand the genesis of Molochian we have to take a few steps back.

Contemporaneously with the release of our debut album Symmetry of Delirium, during September 2009 we immediately started to work on new material. We wanted to experiment new song structures and new sounds, expand the songs, add dynamics and "movements" in the songs and finally give space to all our different influences that hadn't surfaced during the short amount of time we had to write Symmetry of Delirium.
After a few weeks it was obvious to us that the music was taking a different direction from what we had done previously: some of the songs were longer, with atmospheres that were new to us and others, more solid and aggressive, followed what we did on SoD with not as much of a separation in music.

During the course of 2010, in spite of our intense live activity, the writing process really never stopped, rather it underwent such a strong acceleration it immediately brought the collapse of some of the new music we had written (and we were already playing live) as well as the band's lineup itself.

By the end of 2010 the new incarnation of Murder Therapy (with Andrea Burgio on bass and Sean taking vocal duties as well) recorded a 2 song promo, Resilience and Drawn Back, mainly to look for a new record deal and to give a taste of the band's more recent material. In that same session we recorded the drum tracks for Molochian, and then finish the work in the month of April 2011.

While we are writing this, not only the band's second full-lenght album is already completed (we will enter the studio to record this summer), but it's successor is already fairly advanced in the making. Nonetheless, in the continuous redefinition and exploration of our musical identity, not recording Molochian would've meant to scatter in oblivion a brief but crucial passage in Murder Therapy's evolution.

The song Unvacuity sees the return on vocals of Riccardo Meschiari, former singer and one of the band's founders with Francesco. We asked him because we knew how much the song meant to him (and his vocals on it meant to us), and he accepted to record the song.

Differently from the other songs, Di Luci e Negazioni was written contemporaneously with the recording of Molochian. Fundamentally based on a rhythmic pattern that will open our next album, it was recorded by using only real instruments. All the percussions were in fact achieved by ethnic and tribal instruments from different parts of the world which were brought in the studio, like so the musical layers are a product of the interaction of different effects and pedals for guitar and bass. The vocals you may hear at times, similar to Tibetan chanting, is throat singing performed by Sean. Di Luci e Negazioni represents yet another side of this musical project, and will also have a follow-up very soon.

For this EP we've decided to experiment a new way to spread our music. All the songs are in fact available in streaming and free download in various formats on our site 
It is still possible to economically support the band by giving a free donation (not obligatory) the moment you download the EP or to buy one of the 200 cd copies printed in digipak, numbered by hand. To all those who intend to insert this album in their own blogs for free download we ask to not move the files on other file sharing platforms, but to link it to our site where you still can download it for free.
The type of diffusion to what we do is imposed by the desire to preserve total artistic control on our creation and from the illusion of finding new equilibrium with the technologies that characterise these times.

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